Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LinkedIn - make it a must do in your job search.

It's true... your job search will suffer if you do not have a LinkedIn profile. It is hard to admit that social media is so prevalent in today's job search process, but there is no denying that it plays a big role. A role that is getting bigger and bigger every day. There are tons of articles on career websites about how to leverage social media to connect with companies and recruiters who are hiring in today's market. 

But, let's not forget or underestimate just how much recruiters use social media to find and cross reference candidates. We do. We collect as much information as we can about someone through an interview, background check, reference check AND taking a look at someones LinkedIn profile. Now, for us the social media component is secondary to the information that we gather first hand about a candidate, but it does not go unnoticed when a job seeker does not have a profile or if the profile is vague at best. 

Recruiters are looking to these social media tools to help paint a picture of who you are (like it or not). So, don't let the opportunity pass you by. Create a LinkedIn profile and make it a good and thorough picture of who you are and the work that you have done. Otherwise, the right job just might pass you by. 

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