Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Wrap Up

As 2011 comes to a close there's one thing I can tell you with utmost certainty: the flexible workplace works. Four years in a row, in a company that was born at the beginning of the Great Recession, we've seen more than 2x growth year-over-year putting professionals to work in part-time and flexible full-time roles.

2011 was a year that had Momentum Resources reach new clients in terms of job family, industry and scope. We're working with larger, Fortune 100 companies that realize that this is the best way to attract passive job seekers and lure top talent from other firms in an ever-tightening labor market. And we're working with very small start-ups that have discovered that our model is the most risk-averse, cost-effective way to add key resources. And pretty much every company shape and size in between!

And what are the key success factors in making this work? Our most successful clients begin with a culture of trust, have open communication styles and leverage technology to keep everyone working towards a common goal. As workplaces become more results-driven, face time is out the window and employees are free to work when and how they want to achieve their objectives. This means lower turnover, greater productivity. Win-win on both sides of the equation for sure.

But perhaps the thing that stands out in our minds as we look back on 2011, and forward to 2012, is that we get to work with smart, interesting, nice people. Our clients are engaging and helpful to the process; in short, they "get us" and our people. And our people, the Momentum Resources candidates? Awesome. Super-smart all-stars in their field, appreciative of the work we do on their behalf to place them in jobs that are great for their careers and work for their families.

So thank you all for making 2011 our most successful year yet, we can't wait to see what 2012 has in store!