Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes, It's Just Hard

This has just been one of those weeks. With a big fat Disney hangover from last week's vacation and plunging back into the world of overflowing InBoxes and missed homework assignments and consolidated meeting schedules and broken violins for music class, my whole family is a little off-kilter.

So it's no wonder that yesterday morning wasn't smooth. I had an epic wardrobe battle with a 9 year old who couldn't possibly understand why I wouldn't let him wear Under Armour and track pants to see the symphony at the Kennedy Center on a 4th grade field trip. The other 9 year old, unhappy with his broken violin, picks a fight with his 4 year old brother, and little brother hurls a step stool at him. All before 8am.

On my way to work I get an email from a girlfriend who shares that her iPhone auto-corrected "kids" to "jihad." Not to make light of a serious topic, but after my morning, that sounded just about right. Thank you Steve Jobs from the great beyond!

The point is, it's ok. It's not you, there's nothing wrong with your family, it's just hard sometimes. You love your children, you wouldn't trade your job as Mom for any title in the world, but it's challenging on the best days and damned near impossible on others.

Earlier in the week I performed a little calendar magic and made it to one of my favorite yoga classes. When my teacher asked how I was doing, I replied "no focus." A fellow mom of three, she explained that just managing the logistics for that many other people can be draining and advised some deep breathing through the hard parts.

Today is a new day, I'll pick my battles wisely, hug my kids often and pick up a referee whistle at the sporting goods store on my way home from work, just in case all that deep breathing can't be heard above the fray.