Monday, June 22, 2009

Resume Tips for Returning to Work Moms

So you have been taking are of your children for 5-10+ years and want / need to get back to work….you may be thinking, “whose going hire me?” or “what in the world am I going to put on my resume for the last few years?” Well, fear not. While the journey you are about to embark on may not be as easy as giving candy to a toddler, it is be no means an impossible one. The first step is to update your resume so you can start applying to companies for a position. Here are some pointers for building your resume to re-enter the workforce:

  • Begin your resume with a succinct, pointed summary indicating the type of experience you bring to the table and how you can add value to your next prospective employer.
  • Include a section with key words of what you can do and have done. Having a list of key words will make your resume searchable and punctuate to a hiring manager what you can do.
  • Account for your time with your activities—do not underestimate the value of being a PTA Treasurer, Boy Scout Leader, Travelling Soccer Team Coordinator or Class Mom. Sample of some of the tasks you can list are:
    1. Managed a budget of $5250 as the Montclair PTA Treasurer, an active 200 member group
    2. Created, led and coordinated 14 trips and 10 activity meeting s for 12 member Boy Scout troop. Upheld and acted within all national and area by-laws.
    3. Organized transportation and accommodations for Somerset Travelling Girls Soccer Team for a 29-game schedule covering 20 week span.
    4. Developed activities and coordinated fundraising for 3rd grade class
    5. Spearheaded Valentine’s Day Social for 140 grade school students, organizing 210 volunteer parents and managing a $2,400 budget for entertainment, food and equipment
  • Show how your activity experience can be translated into a prospective role’s requirements—use similar words found in job descriptions to demonstrate the similarities between your experience and what the role requires
  • Keep your resume to one page so your actual work experience and education can be seen on the first page. You do not want your work experience to not be noticed since it is on a second page.
The main point through the process to keep in mind is to stay focused on the goal and stay positive. There will be a company who will appreciate all the experience you bring to the table and want to hire you for your perspective and talent. Just believe in yourself, stay diligent in getting your resume out there and network until the opportunity presents itself.

Lisa Rangel, principal at Chamelon Resumes, brought you these resume tips. Check out her website for other great tips and return-to-work strategies. Lisa brings more than 13 years of recruiting experience to YOU, helping you to write and tailor your resume and build a job search strategy from the perspective a future hiring manager. Check it out!