Monday, April 27, 2009

Great tips from Forbes Magazine!

I was thrilled to run across an entire section of work-life balance articles in Forbes Magazine. Several writers tackle issues ranging from Basic Steps Toward Work-Life Balance to Staying Sane While Working From Home. Astute blog readers will remember that I am staying sane by NOT answering client calls during the 4-7 "witching hours." This section details how flexibility in the workforce is affected by the recession, and what you can do to create or protect your own schedule.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Well Behaved Women Never Make History

Can I get a hallelujah from the chorus? After getting profiled in the Young Women Misbehavin' (YWM) blog, I took a look around and WOW!! Great information! Young Women Misbehavin’ provides news, opinions, stories and stats about working women issues, all with a side of sass. YWM is brought to you by the letters by the Business and Professional Women/USA, an amazing group dedicated to creating successful workplaces for women and families. These aligned organizations offer programming, resources and research to advocates of equity, diversity and work-life balance. Employers are an integral partner in the work of BPW and creating progressive workplaces for the 21st century.