Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stand Out With a GREAT Thank You Note

I'm a huge advocate of all things technology-related and my OCD compulsion to rid the world of paper products is strong, but there's one place in the world for good old fashioned card stock: the thank you note.

We always encourage our candidates to email a thank you note the day of the interview with a paper thank you the day after. After all, it's the best way to stand out in a very, very crowded labor market.

But yesterday I received a spot-on thank you note for a candidate in our process and wanted to share why it was so terrific:
  • Stood out: The bright pink envelope matched our corporate graphic scheme, something maybe only a designer like this candidate would've noticed. But it certainly brightened up my desk today and stood out in the mailbox. Obviously you need to match your communication to the audience and most investment banks or corporate law firms won't appreciate a polka-dotted card, but this was just right for us.
  • Message: Short, sweet and sincere, 3 great attributes of a great thank you note. This candidate wrote a brief expression of gratitude that also demonstrated she "got" us, our business model and what we do.
  • Business Cards: Smart job-seeker move of the week! This job-seeker is a freelancer so she already had cards, but she included not one but two in her thank you note. What a clever way to make sure you stay top of mind! If you don't already have cards, march your fingers on over to VistaPrint and get some cheap cards today.

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