Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interviewing? Don't Forget to Look Inward

There's one thing we know for sure: if we can get our people in front of our clients, they're likely to get the job. Momentum Resources has a very high success rate with our candidates receiving strong offers after the interview process.

Why is this the case? Because we coach our candidates through the interview process to not only conduct the standard external research (website, industry news, LinkedIn bios and connections) but also to look inward.

We advise our candidates to do a little:
  • Inward Analysis: What does the candidate bring to the organization? How does that align with the organizations' mission statement?
  • Problem Solving: How do our candidate's skills and strengths help solve the organization's short-, intermediate- and long-term problems? Address industry challenges?
  • Muster Sincere Enthusiasm: How can you clearly convey that you are excited about the potential opportunity to work with this client? Don't be aggressive, but demonstrate passion and commitment to the role and make it clearly that, if offered, you'd jump at this opportunity.

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