Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the Job Search Drags On

A job search in this market, particularly one that involves competitive rates, flexibility and the right location, can be quite time consuming. It's important to focus your limited time on the best next steps.

First, do you want to do something different or do you want to continue what you’re doing, albeit in a more flexible manner? If it's the former, you've got your work cut out for you. Career transitions are tough in this very crowded market. Focus on in-demand industries and identify your most highly desirable skill sets.

If the latter, what companies do you want to work for? Who's hiring for your skills and in your area? Which of those companies show up on Working Mother's Top 100 list for flexibility? Who in your peer group raves about their flexibility, where do they work? In short, you need to develop a target list and drill down.

On that target list, who do you know in each organization? Reach out to your own network via phone, email and offer to take folks out for a coffee. It's 20 minutes and $5, the best use of your time (captive audience!) Use the Search Function in to find people in your network (or your network's network) at (or formerly with) those companies. Check out our LinkedIn Job Search Tips. Make a spreadsheet, track your correspondence, be overly thankful for assistance and time.

This is absolutely a partnership and a process, we're happy to help along the way, even if that means you don't land a position with one of our clients.