Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LinkedIn- The Key to Your Next Job

I've long extolled the virtues of LinkedIn. While some people refer to it as "FaceBook for your career" I've thought that oversimplified it's impact and misses out on it's primary value: 6 degrees of separation. It's like Kevin Bacon is your career counselor!

But today I got an email from one of our candidates thanking me for suggesting that she get to work on LinkedIn. I suggested she beef up her profile, get recommendations from past managers and co-workers, join an industry group and use the SEARCH function to find an insider in companies where she was applying. She took our advice, saw a job posted through a group, applied and started this week.

Doing a little digging, I found a fantastic blog post on Ten Ways to use LinkedIn to Find a Job. If you are looking for a job, READ THIS ARTICLE. If you are looking for new clients, vendor searches, insiders into a company you'd like to partner with, READ THIS ARTICLE. It's easy. It's ten steps. Who needs Kevin Bacon, anyway?

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