Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Office Tips

Between Graduate School, occasional telecommuting for a Big 5 Consulting firm and running a start-ups's office, I've had a lot of experience with the home office. I recently saw some great tips in Ladies Who Launch "8Tips for Setting Up a Home Office," and wanted to share them with you.

Some of my own tips include:
  • Designate a space. If you need to make phone calls, you need a door. Yes, this means my older kids will share a room till they leave for college but I need a separate space for files, doors to close for phone call privacy and some physical separation to keep my contracts, files and laptop off the dining room table.
  • Get the Right Gear. Wireless printer, laptop, the Pentax Mobile Scanner, these are all things that make my home office possible. I love Ikea's while cardboard (with space for labels!) storage boxes for uniformity in storing files and supplies and Real Simple (available at Target) makes great, stylish home office organization supplies.
  • Get a Headset. Make sure it has a mute button for the occasional home-office noise (dumpster being delivered next door, dog barking at mailman, etc.)

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Yves Capozzoli said...

It can be a pretty big pain when you're working at home, since it's a lot more distracting there compared to an office. Shut your doors. Shut your windows, close the blinds or shutters. Once you get rid of anything that could distract you, it'll be smooth sailing for you and your work.