Friday, December 12, 2008

The Business Case for Reduced-Hours

We always knew that the flexible hours model worked. Maybe it's reduced hours, maybe it's flexible full-time, maybe it's just a little telecommuting when needed but bottom line, this employment model works. It's best for families and great for companies trying to attract and retain top talent. Now current economic conditions are proving that it's best for the bottom line as well.

As highlighted in today's, the upside (to us) of the economic downturn is that more employers are calling us. Clearly, these hiring managers are simply looking for a smart way to lower costs while getting the same (and often better!) output. And we're more than happy to help.

Momentum Resources candidates are lowering the total cost of hiring a staff attorney by approximately 35% for one client, bringing a non-profit client's financial management costs down by 40% and the increasingly popular contractual relationship is minimizing our clients' hiring risk.

This economic environment is giving Momentum Resources candidates the chance to prove- in a variety of functions across multiple industries- that yes, the flexible work environment does in fact work. It's cheaper, you get the same or better output and once this economy turns around, we will have created more flexible work options for working parents.

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