Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dream Job? It's All About the Results

It's not news to faithful Momentum Resources blog readers that flexible work arrangements are in force and working every day across most industry sectors and job families. These aren't nice-to-haves and are no longer considered merely perks for attracting and retaining top talent (though it works for that, too!) but are business-driven solutions to real-life problems like uncertain revenue projections, limited budgets, hard-t0-fill roles and a recovering economy.

We sat down and talked to Forbes last week about trends in the flexible workplace, and you can read the full article here but suffice it to say:
  • Results, baby! Outperform in your job, blow away metrics and make your boss look good and you've just nullified every argument against schedule and location flexibility.
  • Technology, use it to your advantage. Don't let it run your life, use it to work wherever and whenever you like. We love Dropbox, Skype and the Google productivity suite like Gmail, Calendars (multiple colors and users!) and Docs.
  • Remember, it's still an employer's market. Figure out what matters most to your current or prospective manager (IM availability? dedicated office hours?) and work your flexibility requests into that framework.

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