Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make the Holidays Your Own

OK, this is where the Momentum Resources team really shines. I know my colleagues are amazing business women and mothers, but I had no idea they had such an incredible creative side! Here are some of their fun family traditions; adopt, expand and make them your own.
  • Packaging. Tanya (aka "Queen of Christmas") has found dozens of ways to creatively wrap cash, letting those hard-to-shop folks on her list know that she really cares about them and that she took the time to put together a gift that's meaningful. Some examples include a small laundry basket with dollar bills clipped with wooden clothespins. Makes a $20 spot look like a million bucks! She's also a fan of the plastic popcorn container stuffed with theater-sized candy boxes (both from the $1 Spot at Target) , microwave popcorn, yellow crinkle-cut paper and cash or movie passes for the movie- lover on your list. She also likes to stuff cash in a Chinese food takeout box topped with reusable plastic chopsticks, sneaking in some fine motor exercises with her gifts!
  • Decorations. Whitney's family has spent the last three years putting custom-decorated wreaths on the bedroom doors for some upstairs holiday flare. She bought faux wreaths and each year she and her twin boys pick a theme (From Virginia Tech to Lightning McQueen). She even did a wedding memory theme for her bedroom door, replete with invitations and photos from the big day. These also make terrific gifts. Whitney's in laws are avid campers and she made a wreath decorated with camping gear and cutouts from each state they had visited that year. Shelby applies the same idea to small trees in her daughters' rooms.
  • Outings. Our family picks one night to hop in the car in fuzzy PJs and coats, thermoses of hot chocolate in hand, and drive around to view all of the holiday lights. Whitney has a friend whose family dons reindeer antlers and Santa hats to hand-deliver homemade baked goods. Don't feel compelled to attend the fancy Breakfasts with Santa or expensive holiday celebrations, pick one thing that's meaningful to your family and make it a tradition.
And if all else fails, check out Pinterest! Our latest obsession provides endless inspiration for a fun-filled, creative holiday.

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