Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Job Search Sneak Peek

We often have candidates we haven't connected with a long time- even years- come to us and say, "I know I want a new job, where do I start?" Sometimes new candidates will approach us with the blanket statement, "I need a new job, I don't know what, just a new job." Not helpful.

After facilitating a thorough session on what the ideal job and schedule situation look like, as well as what might work (and more importantly, what won't) we typically ask candidates to come back to us with some narrowing parameters. After all,even in this economy in any given field in any given city there are many jobs open and many job seekers, you've got to narrow the field!

Once we have an objective, something like "I'd like to work 30-40 hours per week within 15 miles of my home in change management in a role that utilizes my bilingual capabilities." Now that we can work with.

Behind the scenes, we begin to match candidates with current open requisitions and proactively reach out to our clients and network where we think there might be a potential fit.

But here's the key, it's a parallel process. Our most successful candidates, the ones that get the jobs that most closely match their ideal scenario, work in conjunction with us, checking in every couple of weeks to let us know what's working, and what's not.

Not sure where to begin? Try this recipe for making a target list of companies and networking in to them:
  • Are you on LinkedIn? Set up a profile using your resume as a format, seek "recommendations" from former managers and co-workers, and "link up" to me and join the Momentum Resources group so that you have access to our network.
  • Develop a target list of companies you'd like to work for based on the parameters you've laid out
  • "Follow" those companies (Search/Companies/Follow) on LinkedIn to view news releases, research company profiles and view the resumes of recently hired staff.
  • Expand that list to companies and organizations that are hiring folks with your skill set
  • Marry the two lists, see who in your LinkedIn network (and offline network) works, or has worked, at those organizations.
  • Network till you're in! Ask for an introduction from a mutual contact, take your "insider" to coffee ($5, 20 minutes) to ask thoughtful questions and get some ground-floor insight, send a thank you email that day and put a written one in the mail immediately.

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