Thursday, March 18, 2010

Work Time Revolution

NPR just began a great 3 part series called When Employers Make Room for Work Life Balance. Author Jennifer Ludden cites research by University of Minnesota sociologist Phyllis Moe and what she describes as a "work time revolution," akin to the industrial revolution, that takes the emphasis off of a rigid 9-5 schedule with a face-time culture.

We are seeing that every day. With a strong emphasis on the bottom-line and workers at every level eying the P&L, it suddenly doesn't matter how or when or where work gets done. So long as the work is done right, on time, and customers are happy so that sales are up and costs are down, managers are increasingly approving flexible arrangements. The Great Recession has in many ways been a blessing for working mothers.

Moreover, it's a blessing for any type of workers that want flexibility. The author cites an increase in GenX, GenY and millennial employees demanding a greater work-life balance and a reluctance to be tied to the desk. We're seeing that too. What began as a company to help working mothers achieve greater balance and solve clients resource problems has turned into a company that can help freelancers maintain a pipeline, grad students work evening hours and baby boomers to maintain a career without burning the midnight oil.

And the smart companies get it.

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