Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Table: Salmon and Green Beans with Buttered Almonds

Continuing the Our Table series, sharing successful family meals that meet my strict criteria (fast, affordable, healthy and delicious!) I wanted to share what worked last night.
I adapted a recipe from Real Simple to make this meal dairy-free (my kids are allergic) and servings for 6 so that there were leftovers for 2 adults for lunch.

I also broke out the cast iron skillet, inspired by a recent television segment I participated in, detailing dangers in your home. Needless to say the scratched Teflon coated pan made it's way to the trash can afterwards.

7 boneless, skinless salmon fillets ($9)
3 TBS of butter substitute ($1/serving, Earth Balance)
2 lbs Green Beans, trimmed and halved ($2.50)
1/2 cup sliced almonds ($2)
Organic Salad (bagged, $3.5)
2 TBS Capers ($1/serving)

Melt 1TBS butter substitute in the cast iron skillet and saute salmon fillets for 4 minutes on each side until the fish flakes. At the same time boil 1/2" of water in a second skillet, add green beans, cover and steam for 5 minutes. Remove salmon from skillet, rest on plate and add the remaining 2 TBS of butter substitute to the skillet. Add the almonds and capers, stirring constantly to avoid burning. Serve the almonds over the green beans and salmon, serve with a fresh salad.

Delicious dinner in 15 minutes and at least than $20, that's cheaper than a meal at McDonalds.

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