Thursday, February 4, 2010

Balancing on my Toes

Last week was just one of those weeks. My husband was on West Coast travel, my 2 year old was sick for 9 days with the flu, and business was booming. See, we've been very, very busy in 2010, which is a good thing, no- scratch that- amazing thing, but it seemed like it was all coming at me at once.

Trying to keep my own life in balance, I vowed to make it to not one, but two, yoga classes last week. In Monday's class as I sat in toe balancing pose (some call it butterfly), our teacher instructed us to leave prayer position, lift our arms to the sky and "carry the world" with our arms. Losing my focus, holding the "world" literally on my shoulders while balancing on my toes, I fell over.

And no surprise really, when I considered all that was going on. It was time to regroup. I asked a neighbor to help me get the older kids home from school, I took two other friends up on their offers for dinner delivery, and cut out all that was not urgent. I made a list of all that had to be done that week and put the rest of until the weekend, when I could hole up in my office as Dad held down the fort at home.

It worked beautifully! Kid #3 got healthy, Kids #1 and 2 had a good week, husband returned home safely and with the help of our Richmond office we made a lot of clients happy last week. As another busy work week comes to an end and yet another major snowstorm threatens to throw all plans off track, try to keep it balance, do what you must, let go of the rest.

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