Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tips for Moms Returning to Work

Many mothers are making good on a new year's resolution and are kicking up their job searches on the path to return to the working-for-a-paycheck world. I ran across an interesting article in Mom Logic on the Top Tips for Moms Returning to Work. I agree with all of the author's top tips:
  • Confidence! You are part of a highly sought-after market segment
  • Social Media: highlight your knowledge of Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn
  • Emphasize skills acquired while at home (multi-tasking, patience, scheduling)
However, I think the most important thing, particularly in a very crowded job market like we're facing now, is to be able to answer the question, "how have you been able to stay on top of a rapidly changing field like technology/contract law/accounting while out of the job force for XX years?"

Have a good answer ready, and a good answer might look like:
  • I've been keeping up with my Continuing Education credits required for my profession/certification and have focused my education on ____________
  • I've been an active member of the local chapter of my professional organization (SHRM, ASHA, AICPA) and have heard some exciting speakers on the topic of ____________
  • I volunteered my time for a non-profit organization and was able to ______________
Don't apologize for taking time out of the workforce, but be prepared to calmly and confidently answer a completely legitimate question on the part of the hiring manager. And smile.

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