Monday, December 14, 2009


As a manager, is there ever a task that you know you need to get done but can't carve out even a couple of hours per week for it? Even if we are in a protracted recession and that activity directly relates to revenue? This was the situation one of our clients, Zavda Technologies, was in. A high growth, 8a, service disabled veteran and women-owned firm, they were in the situation a lot of government contractors find themselves in: too busy delivering on work to go after and manage the ongoing proposal process.

Their CEO, Dr. Stacy Trammell, came to us looking for a resource, a real contracting guru, who could help them scour multiple federal contracting websites, qualify the right opportunities for Zavda and manage the contracting process. For Stacy, there simply weren't enough hours in the day to get this essential task done and anytime devoted to developing business came directly from billable hours, taking away much-needed revenue.

Momentum Resources found Zavda Technologies the perfect resource: a former Navy contracting officer transitioning back to work after her second child was born. This resource, the guru that Zavda needed on staff but didn't have a need or budget for full-time, works remotely a few hours a week putting her subject matter expertise to work helping Zavda find, qualify and bid on Federal contracts.
  • Business Value: A small firm gets the subject matter expertise it needs to grow without the commitment or cost of a full-time resource
  • Candidate Value: A professional mom finds the right work for her, several hours a week working from home, keeping her career going and contributing to the family income.
Bonus Value: This was such a perfect arrangement for both parties that the candidate had baby #3 on a Friday and was back to work, from home and for just a couple of hours, the very next week! Our first DC area Momentum Resources baby, a mini-Momentum, was born!

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