Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Questions and Answers

I recently led a webinar for Georgetown University's Alumni Career Services Division on Flexible Careers for Experienced Professionals. It was a great group with lots of input, questions and food for thought. These questions, many of them perfunctory and about how our business works, led me to believe that I should share the Q&A with you!

Question: Do you make placements outside of Washington, DC?
Answer: While we are headquartered in Richmond, VA and I run the Greater Washington area office, we are doing more and more placements outside of these geographic areas. Our take on the flexible office, including telecommuting and non-traditional hours, allows us to find the right people for the job, even if they're not in the same zip code.

Question: Do you work with women only?
Answer: We believe that great employees come in all shapes and although the majority of our candidates are women, we work with Dads, grad students and even grandparents.

Question: Does your company provide benefits for part-time employees?
Answer: At this time, we do not. We hope to provide access to a wide range of benefits at some point in the future. Many of our candidates that become permanent part-time employees receive pro rata benefits from their employers.

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