Friday, May 22, 2009

THIS is How We Do It

Astute blog readers will recall that my first true crossroads in work-life balance came while reading Alison Pearsall's I Don't Know How She Does It on my first weekend away from the twins, with a fellow twin mom. Having recently finished the book, she looked over the pink cover and said "put it down. It'll make you quit." While I didn't quit my job the next Monday, I did begin to think.....wait, how DO all of these working mothers out there do it? 

Here's the good news, we're not alone. Every day women of all walks of life across every industry imaginable are finding ways to be successful in their careers, despite many perceived hiccups due to child-rearing and care-taking of elderly parents. Want to learn how? Check out the Hot Momma's Project, Kathy Korman Frey's incredible idea that houses case-style success stories to create online access to role models for women and girls. 

Browse the case library for inspirational, yet tangible, examples of how other women (JUST LIKE YOU) have found their passion at work, achieved their desired work-life balance, and become successful at doing what they love. 

Know someone inspirational? Nominate them as a Role Model! We want to hear their story.

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