Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Washington, DC area Candidate Coffee a Huge Success

Today's first Candidate Coffee Break in the Washington region was a huge success! The lovely Donna and Mario Memmo hosted us at Spill the Beans in Alexandria, treating us with delicious bagels and pastries, coffees and teas. We heard from Christine Fruehwirth at FlexCareers Consulting on the Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of re-entering the workforce and were schooled on the latest and greatest office styles by Wendy Pilch of Spendalla. All brilliant ideas were jotted down on the very stylish pens and notebooks from Carolina Pad, check them out at a Target or Wal-mart near you! In case you missed it, let's get you started with What TO wear Back to Work from Wendy:
  • Do use cardigans instead of formal suit jackets
  • Mix and match formal suit panks with less formal jackets (Old Navy has great ones!)
  • Do buy one nice, crisp white shirt
  • Add colorful jewelry to an otherwise plain work outfit
  • Look for versatile A-line skirts (Wendy had a great moderate A-line from Banana Republic, $40)
  • Have older pants tailored....get rid of pleated pants (who needs the added pounds?)
  • Invest in a few new pairs of work shoes, she loves peep toes for spring and summer
  • Don't wear any shirt under a suit that you would wear out for a night on the town
  • Try a jacket over versatile dresses, like Wendy's fab black shift with cap sleeves
  • Try belting an old suit jacket to bring it up to date, Wendy loves a wide black patent leather one
  • Invest in a nice trench coat, great for spring and fall

Don't forget that Momentum Resources referrals get 10% off Spendalla's personal shopping services. Stay tuned for Christine's tips tomorrow!

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