Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Bucks for your Bang

In a perfect world, parents could take a few years out of the workforce and jump back in at the same salary level with an increase in flexibility to allow for increased demands at home. Clearly, this isn't a perfect world. In evaluating flexible work options, a candidate must consider a number of factors- from schedule, to flexibility to daycare options- to determine what the best overall fit will be.

One thing I encourage Momentum Resources candidates to consider is marginal value. There are plenty of non-financial motivators to take a particular, or any, job, but when comparing apples to apples, which job gives you the most bucks for your hourly bang, net of associated childcare costs?

I ran across a very interesting CareerBuilder article today that evaluates the Top 20 Jobs that pay more than the national salary median for less than full-time. Most jobs are in the 35-38 hours/week range, but the hourly pay makes them compelling values. Now, you're not going to say all of a sudden "I'm 45 but now I want to be an airline pilot because I can earn $95/hour" but if you are considering a more realistic career switch, or are in an associated career, this list of make-more-earn-less is worth a look.

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