Saturday, September 13, 2008

Getting It All Done

Five years ago, back when the twins were just one and I'd been back to work full-time, my closest mommy friend (with twins a day younger than mine, who also went back to work the same day I did) headed off to her folks' Bay House for a weekend retreat. We were emotionally and physically spent and in need of two nights to re-charge. As I lay in bed that Saturday morning to the guilty hour of 10 AM, I began reading Alison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It. When my friend walked in to bring me a pan of brownies for a sinful breakfast in bed, she glanced at the title and said, "Don't read that. You'll quit your job Monday."

Well, I didn't quit my job immediately but it did get me thinking about the insanity that is working and mothering at the same time. Now that I'm nearly 7 years into this adventure, I've learned a few things along the way. Some of this was through trial and error (lots of trials and even more errors) but most of what I've learned I gained from the wisdom of others. Some of these folks are my "mommy mentors" with older children, some are subject matter experts in their given fields, such as Michelle and Susan at You've Got Supper.

This week begins a multi-part series on how we get it all done: dinner on the table, laundry folded (if not put away), regular communication with our children's teachers and daycare providers and the constant love-hate relationship with home organization.

Stay tuned for tried and true tips from the experts in "the field." I encourage you to share your own tips via Comments on the blog. We can all use a little help from our friends!

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